About The Play


Right Behind takes its audience behind the scenes of a restaurant, offering a brief glimpse inside the lives of the people that work there and depicting various extreme behaviors of the patrons.

It’s Sarah’s first day as a server. As the rookie is welcomed into this new world by a solid group of veterans, they could never prepare her for the realities of the industry. Writer, and executive producer, Gianna Lozzi’s semi autobiographical play depicts a satirical, realistic view of what it’s like to be the one taking your order. A hilarious attempt to do service industry employees some justice while cluing everyone in on the do’s and don’ts of dining out.


About The Playwright 

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Gianna Lozzi has been in the service industry for 10 years and has been studying theatre for even longer. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, a thriving platform for both the restaurant industry and the arts. She has combined personal life experiences from both of these worlds to create her play, Right Behind. This will be Right Behind’s third run, and our theatre company’s first time performing outside of our home theatre, Connie’s Ric Rac. Lozzi and her brother Freddie intend to continue working as a playwright/director duo, building upon their new production company Raw Street Productions.

About The Director

Freddie Lozzi has been studying and working on film sets for 5 years. Right Behind’s first run was his directorial debut in theatre. Also born and raised in South Philly, Freddie combines this culture like no other with his passion for art in directing this short comedy about the restaurant industry. As co-founder of Raw Street productions, Freddie is at the helm of several upcoming projects and performances.


About The Other Guy

Ron Bauman, as a partner in Raw Street Productions, oversees all aspects of marketing and promotion for our events, as well as managing various business matters and helping to guide the strategic direction of Raw Street. And of course, does participate in the creative end as well, consulting on content and performing. Ron’s background is in sales and marketing and is currently the CEO of Milk Street Marketing and a partner at South Philly music venue (our home!), Connie’s Ric Rac.